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Les Jaywalkers sont finis

Another FO in the mama-of-purl house! Here's a shot of the finished pair:
the colors are somewhat okay after I've messed around with the flash pic a bit...

After looking at another tutorial on the Kitchener stitch for EVERY SINGLE STITCH at the end, I managed to get it right, hooray!

I love having new socks!!!




Now the specs:
pattern: Jaywalker by grumperina
yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit Multiringel color 5122
needles: 2.5 mm Prym DPNs
started: Jan 10th 2006
finished: Feb 12th 2006


BEAUTIFUL! i started a pair on friday, for the knitting olympics. alas, i am not so much a champion, as i have to frog the first six inches and start over.

Posted by: jenn | 02/13/2006

Love it! The colors that you picked out are great : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 02/14/2006

Where did you get the tutorial on the kitchener stitch? Every time I try it it's a flop.
Those socks are great!!!! I need to get going on some.

Posted by: Kimberly | 02/14/2006

very nice!

Posted by: Julia | 02/14/2006

I've soooo many skeins of sock yarns around here. I've also decided that I'll make my next pair of socks a Jaywalker. However, I'm wondering whether it'd look as good in plain colour....

Posted by: Elemmaciltur | 02/14/2006

Well, I have the blue/grey Meilenweit Magico...but I also have the Black/Grey Regia too...maybe I should do the Jaywalker with them.

However, I seriously need to finish the one side of Meilenweit Fantasie I have at the moment and do the other side of it before I start another sock!

Posted by: Elemmaciltur | 02/14/2006

Your Jaywalkers turned out fantastic! Did you "work" the yarn in order to get them to match up, or was it the luck of the draw?

Posted by: Itsa Secret | 02/14/2006

BTW, OMG! I just heard your intro in Quirky Nomads :)!

Posted by: Elemmaciltur | 02/14/2006

YAY! Isn't that cool?:-)) Did you check out the info? "In today's podcast, the most adorable baby in the universe makes a brief guest appearance" :-)

Posted by: Julia | 02/14/2006

Hello again, my darling sockpal:-) Yes, I matched up the socks myself. I used to be a little afraid I'd run out of yarn ( the big feet, ya know;-)) or I just didn't care about having matching socks. I still don't think it's at all neccessary to have matching socks, I just thought I'd try it out...The stripe repeats are so predictable, so it's easy to find exactly the spot on the yarn that you started with...
happy knitting:-)))

Posted by: Julia | 02/14/2006

Oh I just love those! Yes, I would definitely like a pair just like that ALL to myself, they would put a smile on my face every time I saw my feet :). Would you like these to appear in the gallery?

Posted by: grumperina | 02/15/2006


Posted by: Ragan | 02/15/2006

super duper cute Julia! those are really great colors.. Isn't the kitchener a bitchener?? I finally am getting it after a million tries-

Posted by: NessieNoodle | 02/15/2006

I love your Jaywalkers! What a fun colorway!

Posted by: Lori | 02/17/2006

You're right! Those are my jaywalker's siblings! Great job.

Posted by: Jenny | 02/23/2006

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