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You may call me a lucky ducky now.

Well, winning a gorgeous skein of Wooly Wormhhead's handspun (I picked Fruit Twist, isn't it pretty?) was probably an omen...

I did get the job. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am! I'vehad my first day today and everyone's really nice and welcoming, and I'm looking forward to work with them and learning so many new things. 

The past weeks have been so exciting and amazing. Not only the job working out, but I'm so grateful for the people around me. D, the guy I'd fallen in love with in August, has become a good friend (really!), an old friend and former room-mate has just moved to town, and I deeply appreciate spending time with my friends right now.

Last Sunday, D, a mama friend of mine, and another old friend sold some stuff at a local fleamarket, and we ended up not only making a decent amount of money, but really feeling this wave of cooperation and friendship- it was incredible. The other ones had only briefly met before we did the fleamarket, and at the end of the day, they all individually told me the others were such great people, and that they'd had a wonderful day.

Everything seems to be working out great all of a sudden. After such a long time of frustration and constant waiting for something to happen, not even knowing what that something was.

Oh, you wanted some more fiber content in this post? Well, there has been some overdyeing lately that turned out okay, I like how that's spinning up; I've attempted to spin sock yarn and started to knit a sock with that; Wavy is almost ready to be finished; and I've met up with two of my knitting buddies in the last 2 weeks, which has been great. We're planning spreading the word and starting a real S'nB this fall. We'll see how that goes. Now that I'm a working paying her own bills mom, it looks like we're going to meet up on the weekends:-)

Happy fall knitting, sweeties! 



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Congratulations on getting the job! You must be so excited. I'm glad things are finally working out for you.

Posted by: Rachel | 09/26/2006

WOOT! congratulations on all the good stuff! isn't it great when it all seems to work out like that?

Posted by: jenn | 09/26/2006

you lucky duck you!! Congrats ; )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 09/27/2006

Yay!! Always great to hear when things are going well!

Posted by: Debbie | 09/27/2006

See that? I am so glad that you are starting and enjoying your new job already *Big Smiles* And the warmth of family and friends you described is so wonderful. That is really what we all strive for isn't it?

I also love the colorway of the yarn you chose too :-)

Posted by: SpiderWomanKnits | 09/27/2006

You are lucky! :o)

Posted by: JessaLu | 09/27/2006

i'm so happy to hear that things are falling togther for you. its a wonderful feeling and you are truly lucky. enjoy it ;) l

Posted by: lesley | 09/29/2006

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