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medium_CIMG0128.2.JPGWoollywormhead's incredible hand-dyed hand-spun Wensleydale got here yesterday- it's so gorgeous! The softest shiniest fuzzy Wensleydale wool in yummy colors...

before I even got a chance to take a picture of the pretty hank, I'd already wound it into a ball and started knitting a swatch.

Cast on for the hat last night and finished it tonight, hooray! So there you go, the finished 'Runnin' Beanie', one of Woollywormhead's FREE patterns!

Talk about instant gratification:-) 

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I'm so pleased you liked the yarn, and that the Hat worked out - it looks luscious! x

Posted by: woollywormhead | 10/01/2006

wow that was super quick! Great hat : )

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 10/02/2006

Cool hat! :o)

Posted by: JessaLu | 10/02/2006

Cool! I need to knit a hat for Frank....although I really don't know when that's going to happen since I'm drowned with course paper that's due in a week and half right now...I haven't touched any knitting in almost a week now and I'm getting some serious withdrawal symptoms. *waaaaaaah*

Posted by: Elemmaciltur | 10/04/2006

insane? perhaps. i think the coffee is the insane part of my lif ethough :)

Posted by: lesley | 10/05/2006

oh and also love the hat toooo cute!

Posted by: lesley | 10/05/2006

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