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new life...

Hey everyone,

it's been terribly quiet here- I'm working now, loving the job and although it's been easy adjusting to working at an office 6 hrs a day, the thing I really have to put a lot of effort into is keeping the refrigerator full and the dishes clean... Sometimes it'd be nice to be able to call someone to just pick up the groceries on the way back from work.

medium_CIMG0145.2.JPGAnyhow, I'm so happy with the course my life's taking right now, and we've had a few busy and exciting weeks. Johanna turned two last Friday, and what was intended to be a quiet party with only four kids and their moms turned out to be a pretty huge thing. One after another, my friends let me know they'd planned to stop by our place for the party and we ended up having about 16-18 people over. Definitely more than on my last birthday;-) Johanna deserved getting some extra attention (more than she already gets;-)), she's been thrilled about her birthday for months and seemed to be able to grasp what was going on. She's awesome.  

Things with D, the guy I'd fallen in love with in August have sorta picked up again, we just enjoy each other's friendly company and that feels good enough for now.

You see, my life is pretty full right now, and honestly, I have a bunch of finished projects I haven't even gotten around to photographing yet. Not mentioning the newly cast-on ones...

As for now, I think I can commit to posting periodically until I've managed to acquire some kind of daily/weekly routine. And I'm awfully sorry I haven't replied to most of your recent comments, I hope I get around to it soon!

I already miss you!


medium_pronatura1601.jpg Oh, yeah, can't leave you without some yarn porn. Have you heard of Trekking Pro Natura yet? 75% new wool and 25% bamboo. Can't wait to get my hands on some of that! Just ordered some...


Happy Birthday Johanna!! What fun a 2 year old is! : )
Glad to hear your still knitting. You certainly sound busy.
ooohhhh, your new yarn looks cool! I haven't seen that out yet. Take care girl

Posted by: Amanda Cathleen | 10/18/2006

dude, i was just going to e-mail you to make sure that all is well. glad to hear that it is. happy belated birthday to johanna! can't wait to see your FO's.

Posted by: jenn | 10/18/2006

Sounds like you are busy..but happy too..which is great! :) Happy B-Day to Johanna! 2 is a fun age.
She is starting off good with having such a packed party. :) Oh love the yarn porn too.

Posted by: Julie | 10/18/2006

omg you should not have told me about that trekking...i googled it and found a zillion sock yarns i want must knit faster so can justify buying yarn!!!

Posted by: lesley | 10/18/2006

Happy (belated) birthday to Johanna!

You sound happy, glad to hear all is well ;o)

Posted by: JessaLu | 10/19/2006

It's wonderful to hear that things are going so well for you right now. I'm sure it's very busy, but busy can be good.
Happy birthday to Johanna! What a lucky little girl she is to have so many people around that love her so much!

Posted by: Rachel | 10/19/2006

Chucks...belated happy birthday to the little one!

Posted by: Elemmaciltur | 10/23/2006

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