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The Sock Saga:-)

PEOPLE, GET READY- me and my socks have finally been united this morning!

After another unsuccessful visit to the post office yesterday, I got a call later last night that they did track the parcel down, hooray! I was at the post office at 9 a.m. to pick it up, and it was this huge box! The box and I caused a little bit of a stir, because I couldn't wait to open it until I got home, so I opened it right outside the post office:-)

My socks came all the way from Texas! And there were SO MANY goodies in the box- my incredible sock pal NanC spoiled me rotten! I was oohing and aaahing for a minute before I even got to the socks;-) Now the socks- I was speechless.

First of all, Nanc pick such a gorgeous yarn, Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in the beautiful Life's A Beach colorway- my favorite colors combined with an intense warm yellow that puts just the right kick into it- and the colors are so vivid!

And she made me Pomatomi... I took a million pictures, but unfortunately there was no-one to take a picture of my face when I saw those. Aaah! I've been so envious of several sockapalooozers receiving Pomatomus socks and I've been secretly hoping I'd get a pair myself;-) That's one of the coolest patterns ever, and I've just been a little too intimidated by it to start it.

May I present to you: my sockapaloooza socks in all their glory


THEY FIT PERFECTLY! They're snug, but not too tight, so they show off the pattern in a beautiful way. I couldn't stop looking at the socks!

Oh, and the length is perfect, too. Uh, I warned her my feet were really long... there are a bunch of people about that on her blog, too;-)

Now let's get to the rest of this much-awaited parcel-

first of all, NanC arranged everything in this cute (and handy) basket,medium_100_2574.jpg which she also decorated with these cool hand-made buttonsmedium_100_2575.jpg with pictures of the progress pix and her, yeah, creepy but cool Blythe doll posing with the yarn, a sockapaloooza button, and a 'take back the knit'-style one. Johanna instantly claimed the Blythe buttons as well as the cute pencils.

And, umm- what else do you see in the basket? KNIT PICKS Memories!!! In my favorite colors! I've been to the Knit Picks site so many times checking out their beautiful colorways, but they don't ship outside North America. The yarn smelled wonderfully of the almond soap, and NanC also gave me a stack of Kool-Aid for my dyeing adventures. She also wrote me a long letter- gotta love old-school letters on p-a-p-e-r:-)- and some gorgeous stitch markers with aqua beads on them.

I mean really- how amazing and thoughtful is this parcel?


Seriously, NanC left me comments all along, giving great advice and making me more and more curious, I wouldn't have minded a plain stockinette sock even. Receiving this package and these breathtakingly beautiful socks blew my mind!

Want a before and after shot? Those are very happy feet now!!medium_100_2573.jpg


My socks are in town...

...I just don't have them yet!

Had a notification in the mail yesterday, that DHL couldn't deliver my package on Wednesday and then they couldn't find it at the post office yesterday! Sniff! I've called customer service and they promised me to make my case top priority!


My sock pal got her socks!

Elise got her package! She's been a little impatient, but she didn't know her socks had to cross the Atlantic to get to Brooklyn;-) She sent me an e-mail today and said she was going to post pix soon!

The weird thing is, that in the sock pal info I received, it said she was blogless. When I checked out the other two Elises' blogs on the list, I did have a feeling that one of them would me my sock pal and had just forgotten to include her blog address in the info.

When I got the snail-mail address, I wondered if there could seriously be TWO sockapalooozin' Elises in Brooklyn... Earlier this week, Elise complained about not having received her socks yet, and that really tipped me off that she's getting socks from overseas...

And I was right!

Maybe I should start thinking about a career as a TV call-in psychic.

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